Metal Roofing


Are you contemplating what kind of roof to install on your building? Read all the advantages below to putting in a metal roof and how it will help your commercial or residential look. (more…)


Ever feel like you live in the perfect location with the perfect neighbors, but wish your house was bigger? Adding on to your home can not only be beneficial but can be fun and help to improve the overall value of your house!

One major benefit to adding square footage to your house is the resale value. Someday, you may decide to sell your house and one main factor when buyers are looking for a home is square footage. When deciding how to add on to your house, you can look at recent market trends to find out what is popular. Maybe the current trend will be beneficial to you now and could also be beneficial for a potential buyer down the road (Benefits, 14).


How to remodel a kitchen

What’s one of the most important spaces to a potential homebuyer? The kitchen. 43% of people remodel a kitchen because “they could no longer stand the old kitchen.” The main reason people must wait to remodel their kitchen is due to financial reasons. 40% of people wish they could remodel their kitchens once they buy their home but must wait until they are financially ready (2017 Houzz study). Due to the high financial cost of a remodel, how do homeowners know if the remodel will really add value to their house? (more…)

Ottawa Remodel

This months featured project a renovation project we are doing in Ottawa, OH.

It consists of demolished kitchen, and interior restroom to open up a view from the kitchen to the great room. Also, added an addition on the rear of the house for a new restroom and laundry room.

Whether you’re bored with your home or want to increase its value with home improvements, remodeling can not only renew your nest interest, it can also make every one of your rooms more functional. Remodeling a home can be over-whelming but here at Kuhlman Builders we are here to walk you through all aspects of your project. We take pride in transforming out-dated homes into our clients dream homes. If your just looking to modernize your kitchen, update your bathrooms, or do a complete remodel, Kuhlman Builders Inc. has you covered!