New Condominium Ottawa Ohio

Take a look at our newly built Condominium in Ottawa, Ohio. If you are looking to enjoy all the comforts of home… without the hassle. A membership in our condominium association makes sure you will never waste other another minute worrying about home maintenance and repairs. For a small monthly fee, all your home maintenance is taken care of, including: Snow, Ice, and Leaf removal; Rood and Siding repairs, Window Washing and more!


Why Choose Kuhlman Builders

Kuhlman Builders is here to help with all your needs! We have worked with many different clients on many different jobs over the years gaining more experience each time. We put the customer first to make sure we have 100% customer satisfaction. We can so small or large projects depending on what your needs are. 

Thinking about building a new shed, home, building, etc? Contact us! We will be with you from the design stages to the construction and every step in between. We can help with smaller projects such as sheds or we can help with the large projects such as large commercial buildings. Need a new roof? We install industrial duro-last roofs

Need an estimate for your upcoming project? Contact us! We can draw an out, help with the design, and give estimates. We are there to answer any and all questions along the way. 

Contact us today for all your needs and let us make your dream project come true! 

Have you ever started a project with getting multiple quotes from different contractors and then struggled to decipher within the quotes which one was better, or which one was better suited to your needs?

Tips and tricks when comparing quotes from construction contractors.

First thing you want to do, is really dive into the details. This big difference can be price discrepancy on different quotes. However, if there is less detail in the quote then you could get charged more later for something that wasn’t detailed in the quote. Look over all quotes to make sure all details are spelled out and if they aren’t ask the contractor to add those in. Once all quotes have the specific job details in, you should be able to compare the different quotes for the best price. 

You can look at each quote as well to see if it meets all your expectations. You may be able to eliminate some contractor quotes from the running based on them not providing everything that you need. For example, does the quote cover everything you asked for? Does it fit my budget? Are labor and material costs included? Etc. 

You may also want to look for a quote that is presented professionally with the company name and contact information included. If the quotes seem to be similar in price, I would recommend looking at prior work and seeking previous client reviews. Does the contractor have a website? If so take a look at their previous projects or customer testimonials!  This may help you in your decision to choose the best contractor as well. 

There are multiple reasons why people choose to remodel their bathrooms. Below are some reasons why you should remodel yours and how we can help!

First, by remodeling your bathroom you will increase the home’s resale value. People look for upgrades when purchasing a home so making updates to your restroom will help resale. Also, people are also starting to look for more efficiency and sustainability in their products and bathrooms. There are piping, fixtures, and toilets that you can get that are more environmentally friendly now than they used to be. 

Secondly, you could remodel for safety or plumbing reasons. Maybe your toilet went out and needs fixed, so while you are fixing that you go ahead and update the whole bathroom. This way all your plumbing is updated at the same time and your bathroom is the safest for your needs at the time. For example, walk in showers for older couples or handlebars by toilets. 

For all your bathroom remodel needs, give us a call! We can help make your remodel plans come true!