Why you should finish your basement

There are many advantages to finishing your basement in your house. Not only does it add value to the overall value of your home, but it also can add a large amount of useable space for your home. For example, you can put an additional bedroom or bathroom in your basement when you are finishing it. By doing this, not only are you adding useable space to your house, but you could also be attracting a variety of buyers. It can be a big-ticket item for buyers to look at houses with multiple bathrooms, so adding an additional one in the basement could really help raise the value on your home.

People are always wanting to know about the ROI, or the return on investment. By finishing your basement, you could increase the value of your home. There are many options. You could use the finished basement as a rental property if you don’t need the space for yourself. Or, if you don’t want to rent the property out finishing a basement typically increases the investment on your home either way. Recently, owners who have finished their basement have seen a return of 70-75% on their investment.

As you can see, finishing your basement can add value to your home in more than one way! Call us today to get started!

Building vs Buying

There are many positives to building your own home. For most people, buying or building a home will be the biggest decision they ever make and probably one of the most important. You want to be sure that the money you are spending on home is a good investment and is something that fits your needs.

There are many factors that go into building and buying your home, property taxes, location, price, HOA fees, market trends, etc. When building a house, rather than buying most of these can be by what you prefer. That is one main advantage to building versus buying; customization. When you are building your own home you have the ability to design the house for your specific needs. Want a three-car garage? Want a master bed that has a large on suite? All these different features can be customizable when building your own home.

Also, there could be many benefits to the environment by building your own home. Now a days there are many options that you can choose to are not only good for the environment but will help your pocket book out in the long run by working more efficient. For example, green appliances, more efficient toilets, and electrical fixtures to start. As well, when building a home rather than buying you can make sure that everything the house is made of is up to code and ok for your health. For example, no asbestos, lead paint, mold, etc.

Overall, there are many pros to building your own home versus buying. You can always make sure you talk to your contractor up front as well about any cost savings you can get along the way.

Metal Roofing


Are you contemplating what kind of roof to install on your building? Read all the advantages below to putting in a metal roof and how it will help your commercial or residential look. (more…)


Ever feel like you live in the perfect location with the perfect neighbors, but wish your house was bigger? Adding on to your home can not only be beneficial but can be fun and help to improve the overall value of your house!

One major benefit to adding square footage to your house is the resale value. Someday, you may decide to sell your house and one main factor when buyers are looking for a home is square footage. When deciding how to add on to your house, you can look at recent market trends to find out what is popular. Maybe the current trend will be beneficial to you now and could also be beneficial for a potential buyer down the road (Benefits, 14).